Chef specializes in promoting the authentic flavors of Indonesian foods and Balinese culinary heritage rich in variety, color, and intense flavors, cooked with freshly harvested ingredients in the region. We intentionally present the foods to satisfy the appetite of those seeking traditional foods on their vacation on the island of Paradise Bali. Chef also serves the most favorite International foods and creates some fusion foods in a modern twist to offer a newly created flavor of the two different cultures of Indonesian and Western foods


We carefully select fresh herbs and spices to serve the truly authentic flavors of Indonesian and Balinese foods. The spices significantly contribute to a huge factor as to why Indonesian cuisine is so flavorful and exciting to eat. We offer a wide range of food selections that present the spirit of Indonesian culinary.


The chef promotes traditional Balinese foods from the eight different regencies in Bali. Each regency has authentic flavors of the food to offer, seasoned in special spices that tell the characters of the region where the food originally comes from.

International Food

We also offer international foods for those who love eating the foods they like most other than Indonesian foods on their visit to us.


Our chef experiments on creating a perfect fusion food of Indonesian and international foods to enrich your culinary journey with newly combined flavors