Dining Area

We provide multiple dining capacity outlets to accommodate dining events of any kind as requested, private dining, romantic dinner, family dining up to group dining for either a wedding reception, birthday celebration, or a company anniversary. Each outlet offers a different dining experience that amazes your culinary journey at Tlaga SIngha and makes it memorably eventful.

Bale Petung – The main dining restaurant

We serve the authentic flavors of Indonesian foods and promote traditional Balinese foods, spiced with the finest ingredients locally sourced. We also serve international cuisines with a fusion food twist to enrich your dining experience, a perfect venue to host a wedding reception, group dining, birthday celebration, or company anniversary. Artistically built with striking bamboos

Bale Kambang – a floating dining hut

A private dining area surrounded by green scenery offering better privacy, and get the excitement of feeding fishes while enjoying your social interaction with family, colleagues, and friends, bursting in laughter, swapping stories, built-in Balinese traditional architecture with bamboo and thatched roofs on top of running water ponds

OMAH Liang – an urban dining style

Close to Bale Petung, an ingenious and cozy dining area elegantly adorned with the chic interior of sofa lounge, loose table, and chair set up. Beautifully located to get the best spot with scenic riverside views that engages your mind to laze away with friends while enjoying your favorite drinks, tapas, pizza, burger, or even its delicious Indonesian delicacies. OMAH stands for Open Mind And Heart, make you ‘Liang,’ Balinese term, meaning happy

Tapa Pool Bar – A swim up pool bar

The bar serves various beverages and caters to your satisfaction need, whether you request a custom-made drink to allow you to enjoy the one you love to drink on your party day, artistically designed with a stalactite style interior under a perfectly sheltered pool to revel in an experiential pleasure of a hideout that you never imagine

Riverside Deck

a private dining area located by the riverside where the river water crashing is naturally heard to make your dining experience more personalized with your half-life, family, colleagues, or besties, and remember it vibrantly