A day of healing from a different dimension that you crave to make your senses come alive at Tlaga Singha Tropical River Club

Healing is a very popular term that relates to an effort or an activity of sickness removal. Healing is generally defined as helping a man, get healed from any disease or psychological distress caused by life demand in this particular topic. In the past, people tended to visit a psychiatrist, a traditional healer, or a shaman. Or even some went to an ashram for a yoga or meditation retreat with a Guru’s guidance for days. Surely, someone will opt for the one that fits his needs to get totally healed, whatever it takes. But nowadays,  Gen Z has redefined the term healing in the version of the own realm. Let’s find out where Gen Z go for healing.

The tourism industry is a game changer, especially in Indonesia. Gen Z is the actor in the game; the term healing is even more popular among Gen Z in their redefinition. The growing demand for our current lifestyle, especially in urban cities, has changed the residents’ behaviours dramatically. When they get bored with their routine, they brutally need a “healing” trip. The best option for some healing seekers in the Gen Z era is to go on a vacation and do what they love doing to get truly healed. A holiday is a lifestyle and a way to seek happiness. Happiness is a potent healing energy. In Gen Z, the holiday is associated with a natural healing procession.

Tlaga Singha Tropical River Club was reopened in 2021 and is responsive to the shifting needs of market trends.  As time goes by, the club keeps improving its facilities and attractions. The aim is to make the area more popular amongst daytime fun seekers or party goers who love to visit a tropical pool club to chill, heal, and embark on a culinary quest. To better entertain its visitors, Tlaga Singha has now presented DJ and acoustic music regularly as the club continuously wishes to enhance the ultimate comfort of its visitors. A live DJ and acoustic music can be the life of the pool club vibe, turning a low-energy event into an exciting celebration.

The upbeat music performance of DJs is to make the visitors sway their heads and shake their bodies as they enjoy it happily, while acoustic plays songs that might become the favourites of the visitors, bringing them back to sweet memories. When these songs make them ecstatic as they listen to them, then they release their fatigue or stressful mentality. Endhorpine hormones are produced to boost healing energy. The healing process works inward naturally. Just to let you know that dj plays on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while acoustic fills in the air every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. respectively. Knowing this, you may come for a day visit of healing at Tlaga Singha and listen to the one that fits your preference.

The DJ at Tlaga Singha tropical pool club presents the crowd with creative mixed-genre music, ranging from afrobeat to reggaeton, the ones that visitors like most, to raise the vibe of a tropical pool club and entertain the crowd. Do what you love doing to heal yourself, including eating good food, drinking your favorite cocktails, indulging in pampering spa treatments, and listening to DJ and acoustic music with the crowd in a pool club. All this is a source of communal happiness that has a healing effect. Not many realise unless you get involved. Discover all this at Tlaga Singha.

Dj and acoustic music are mood enhancement in each version. One of the most immediate benefits of listening to electronic music is its ability to elevate your mood. The pulsating rhythms and uplifting melodies can trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and happiness. So, listening to music is how you heal yourself through the auditionary organ naturally when it makes you soufully happy.

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