4 main dishes that make ‘Timbungan’ rich in variety at Tlaga Singha Tropical River Pool Club

4 main dishes that make ‘Timbungan’ rich in variety at Tlaga Singha Tropical River Pool Club

Timbungan is a popular term of Balinese word among the islanders. It refers to the old age recipe that has become one of the traditional Balinese culinary heritages. Timbungan derives from embung, meaning bamboo tube. Timbungan means cooking methodology by using bamboo tubes. We insert the spiced foodstuff inside the bamboo tube. This cooking methodology aims at ensuring the purity of the authentic food flavors. All this makes the food flavors so authentically intense.

Because of the dish’s popularity, you may find it at ease across the island of Bali in different versions depending on what sort of food ingredients people like to eat better, chicken, duck, or fish. This makes the food unique and populist amongst the islanders. No one knows from which region the dish initially comes. Each regency out of eight regencies on Bali island owns its traditional food that indicates the region’s identity.

In addition to that, what makes the food so popular is the spices used. Spices growing on the tropical island are the sources of the intense flavors that make the cooking fog a mouthwatering aroma, brutally delicious. The food tastes better hot. The popular spice paste on the island of Bali is we call ‘base genep. It means the complete Balinese spice paste. It is the base for all the spices. We put all spices and herbs together by crushing and grinding them on the stone mortar and pestle to make ‘base genep’.

Culinary has a long journey to talk about. But let’s end the journey at Tlaga Singha Tropical River Pool Club to enjoy the food. We serve Timbungan in four different main ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at them. Which foodstuff you prefer to eat, chicken, duck, freshwater fishes, or brackish water fish. All the dishes are seasoned in the same traditional Balinese spice paste, ‘base genep’. Either one is worth trying.

Timbungan Chicken: Chicken is the most favorite foodstuff to eat for Balinese people and Indonesian in general. It is almost an everyday dish. Chicken is best served when it is either grilled, fried, or steamed but we specially cook it in a bamboo tube and half sliced bamboo tube presentation.

Timbungan Duck: Duck is getting more popular nowadays. More restaurants serve duck dish on the island to let foodies enrich their culinary journey. Duck has a unique meat texture and is deliciously seasoned with the traditional Balinese spice paste. Apart from all that, duck meat offers nutrients that other meats don’t.

Timbungan Gurame : Gurame or the carp fish, is so popular freshwater fish on the island. Its shape is oval-like. It has a tender flesh texture and tastes so flavorful seasoned in the traditional Balinese spice paste, base genep. The aroma of the hotdish truly makes you drool.

Timbungan Bandeng: Bandeng or milkfish is a brackish water fish. The fish’s nutrients are getting popular now for consumption. Not many can get it at ease due to the seasonal harvest. The flesh is white, the source of high protein, glutamic and oleic acids making this fish very good for health.

 Mrs. Puji Astuti, the former Indonesia minister of maritime affairs and fisheries once said that eating fish makes you more intelligent. Fish contains omega-3, the good nutrients to grow the brain cells better. So, let’s follow her advice to eat more fish from Indonesia’s fresh, brackish, and salty waters.

Tlaga Singha Tropical River Club serves the quality dishes seasoned in the most popularly known traditional Balinese spice paste,’ base genep’, and offers various dishes to explore. To get a complete menu, click menu. For reservation, please drop us your message at wa.me/6282260070072 to get an immediate response.

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Written by I Kade Lasiadi

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